Around a cup of tea with Parenthèse Café

Well installed in your sofa, a good hot drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate  in your hand. Today we will discover the virtues of tea and infusions thanks to the brand Parenthèse Café. Do you know the benefits of hot drinks on our body? Their peculiarities? Charlène, an individual saleswoman offered to me discover some of their products.

Products of Parenthèse Café

Tea of China « Baï Mu Tan »

The first time I tast white tea from China, I had already heard about it but it’s not found on every street corner. Parenthèse Café allowed me to discover the white tea « Baï Mu Tan ». Did you know that white tea undergoes little transformation and has a higher concentration of antioxidants. It is also composed of its first two leaves but also its buds, which gives it this aroma so flowery.

Infusion « Taille de Guêpe »

Did you know that the man consumes herbal teas and infusions for more than 25,000 years! The plants can be combined and become beneficial, offering a synergy of action and a relaxing well-being according to each ailment. For example, the « Taille de Guêpe » infusion has draining and fat-burning properties thanks to its composition of Japanese green tea, cherry tails, red berries, orange, apple and lemon !

Recipe for an infusion to enjoy cold or hot.

1. In boiling water, soak the infusion bag for 5 to 7 minutes – as directed in the pouch

2. Then, take red fruits, raspberries and blueberries, then crush some of them in your teapot.

3. Finally, drink this preparation hot or cold, according to your desires.

Cocoa with orange

Cocoa is an unstoppable ally to make a good hot chocolate in the old fashion or to make a succulent chocolate fondant. Being a great greedy, I could not resist this mixture of cocoa and orange, and I soon would like to cook madeleines with this cocoa powder.

French hot chocolate recipe from This beautiful moment photography.

The candies

The macaroons, just for gluttony and to satiate my addiction to chocolate around a good cup of tea. You will then find many specialties at the Parenthèse café : fruit pasta, calissons, pralines, nougat and many more.

Other recipe ideas

Cool drink here.

Poached pears in the infusion, there.

I would like to thank Charlène, a councilor and a house saleswoman in department 88, Parenthèse Café for her confidence and generosity. You can find it on his Facebook page or on the site, if you wish, specifying the name of your saleswoman Charlène. And, I also thank the photographer Alexandra for his help in filming, for his advice to improve my photographic skills.

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