gratin de gnocchis

Gratin of bolognaise gnocchis and its vegetables

In the beginning I would to prepare a gratin of cannelloni with tomato sauce and vegetables, but I didn’t find in my store, so I improvised with gnocchi. I present youmy recipe of the gratin of bolognaise gnocchis way Bolognaise revisited. This dish is perfect in winter and it is easily frozen if you prepare in large quantities. Good preparation = D

Preparation: 40 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes in the oven at 200 ° C
Quantity: for 4/5 people


  • 700 grams of gnocchi
  • 250 grams of ground meat
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 courgette
  • 250 grams of mushroom
  • 150 grams of tomato sauce, onion and garlic
  • A can of crushed tomatoes
  • Cheese or parmesan – according to your tastes


Recipe gratin of bolognaise gnocchis

1. In a saucepan containing boiling and salted water, cook the gnocchi as directed on the package. At the end of cooking, drain and reserve.

2. Then we will prepare the vegetables. Rinse, peel carrots, zucchini and mushrooms like small lamelles.

3. Then, grill the vegetables to a heated and well oiled pan for 10 minutes. Salt, pepper and stir.

4. Incorporate the minced meat and mix the meat with the garnish – this time I took frozen ground meat, the only difference it’s that it takes a little longer to cook –

5. When the meat is cooked, pour the crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce onion and garlic, then mix.

6. Stir regularly for 15 minutes, salt and pepper one last time if necessary.

Now let’s move on to the setting up of the gratin of bolognaise gnocchis

7. Arrange the cooked gnocchi in a baking dish, previously oiled.

8. Next, pour the garnish on the gnocchi, then sprinkle with Gruyere or Parmesan cheese.

9. Bake the whole for 20 minutes at 200 ° C, and to taste with moderation.

Good appetite of course

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