roulés apéritifs

Rolled aperitifs smoked salmon and goat cheese

We would like somethings fresh, gourmet and easy to make, I get a good idea Rolled aperitifs smoked salmon and goat cheese. What do you think about it ? Take you bag and go to get our ingredients to make it.

Preparation : 15 minutes
Cooking : no, cold appetizers
Number : it’s depending on your quantity of salmon


  • Smoked salmon
  • creamy goat cheese


1. First of all, grab a slice of smoked salmon and spread the goat’s cheese with the back of a spoon on the whole surface.

2. Then, cut slices in width and then length as in the pic.

3. Finally, roll the slices on themselves, then put your appetizer rolls on a nice plate and it’s done in just a few minutes.

Bon appétit mes coccinelles with these rolled aperitifs.

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